Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner Book Review!

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Thank you, Blogging forBooks for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This book is the most beautiful book I have thus far in 2017. It has surpassed my other reads. Jeff Zentner is brilliant and wrote such a tragic and beautiful story. It took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. It makes you think of the time you have limited on this earth and to live free, love loud, and be you unapologetically. The structure of this story was strong and so relatable. This is something that happens day in and day out. Teens are glued to their cell phones. Destiny can be on her cell phone for hours which is why it frightens me when she starts driving. Texting and driving are serious and should not be done. This book talks about it and brings the attention to this subject and the consequences of texting and driving.

The characters of the story are lovable. You get to know the characters that aren't around and the characters that still are. You will be in awe at how beautifully Jeff carefully created each and every single one of these characters. You envision them coming alive in your mind as you read about who they were/are.

This book was strong in every sense. From the message of the dangers of texting and driving to dealing with grief and tragedy. One part, in particular, stood out to me in the book and it was the way Zentner described the circle of life and reincarnation. He wrote,

"There's a water cycle. Water never goes away. It never dies or is destroyed. It just changes from form to form in a continuous cycle, like energy. On a hot summer day, you've drunk water that a dinosaur drank. You might have cried tears that Alexander the Great cried. So I'm returning Eli's energy - his spirit - and all that it contained. His life. His music. His memories. His loves. All of the beautiful things in him. I give it back to the water so he can live that way now. Form to form. Energy to energy. Maybe I'll meet my son again in the rain, or in the ocean. Maybe he hasn't touched my face for the last time."

This literally broke me and left me in tears. Jeff Zentner, you have written a book that spoke to my soul, broke me to pieces and put me back together again. This is a book that everyone has to pick up and read. Every parent and teenager. everyone! I give this book 5/5 stars!

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