The Most Dangerous Place on Earth Book Review by Lindsey Lee Johnson!

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Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

This book I just could not put down but I had to due to work and school and this thing called “adulting”.  It was hard to grasp that these kids were in the eighth grade when I started reading! Reading about their lives as the story began to feel like I was reading about kids in high school.

Calista Broderick is a 13-year-old girl just trying to live life and have fun. Until some kid that she and everyone else in her circle of friends deem strange leaves her a note in her locker. She starts to read it and is immediately weirded out by it. What happens next is just cruel and not cool.

The structure of this story was great. The foundation was strong which led to a great buildup of characters and plot. The one thing I loved that I have not seen too often in books is the way Lindsey Lee Johnson wrote the book. It was written it time jumps. Eight grade to junior year in high school then fasts forward to senior year. We see the characters transform and see how their environment shapes them as people and how their past catches up with their future.

This story takes place mostly in school and on social media. As I previously stated, the characters were so well structured and rounded that they were relatable and even unlikable.

This story had so many strengths. Mainly because we see this happening all over the country in every school. Popularity is something every kid wants to accomplish in middle school and high school. So I get why Lindsey Lee Johnson chose to name the book, The Most Dangerous Place on Earth.

In conclusion, this book is necessary to read for all teens and parents of teens. You will not be disappointed. My heart broke reading this. I give this book 4/5 stars.

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