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I received a copy of The Twilight Wife through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book I've read from A.J. Banner and absolutely loved it! I liked The Good Neighbor but I LOVED this book. The storyline didn't drag and information about the characters didn't feel rushed. This was a quick read for me although I did take my time with it - I find that I do that a lot with books I really like.

In the beginning, you learn about Kyra and her diving accident. You learn that she remembers nothing and feels as if her husband is a stranger. After some time, she starts to remember bits and pieces and it gets confusing for not only her but the reader. You question everyone's character and intentions.

Kyra, the main character and so well structured that you could feel her pain and beauty of life while reading everything coming from her. This book will confuse you and get your detective side going. Pay attention to small details. A.J. has the tendency to throw you little hints in small details which I absolutely love.

Mark my words, this book is going to be one of the mystery books to read in 2017! I give this book a full five stars.

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