Under the Lights By Abbi Glines Book Review

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This book, in my opinion, was better than the first. I loved the character development throughout the book, especially how Abbi Glines incorporated characters from the first book into the second instead of just leaving them in the dust. Under the Lights was just so phenomenal and I absolutely loved it!

We are introduced to only one new character in this book. She is the main female character in the and her name is Willa. The two main male characters are Brady, who is the cousin of Maggie from the first book, and Gunner who was also present in the first book but not as much. In this book, we have a love triangle between the old childhood best friends. There are a lot of cute moments between Willa and Brady and then Willa and Gunner throughout the book. Which makes us question who will be the lucky guy that Willa chooses to be with.

Now getting into characters I must say Gunner was indeed my favorite! I felt as if Gunner put up this act to hide the real him and kept all his problems to himself, so no one would hold anything against him. He turned out to be a really sweet and caring guy who was always there for Willa when she needed him. Brady was nice and super duper cute - okay so in my mind, he was a hottie. He was there for Willa as well but had some conflicts with his current girlfriend who he has no feelings for. Brady didn't want to break his current girlfriend's heart because he was just too nice of a person.

All around there was a lot of drama and I'm not going to lie, it made me cry a little. Willa's character grew so much with finally taking a stand against some problems. She began to finally realize who she was and what she wanted. She blew me away with her courage. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.  It is too good of a series for it not to be acknowledged or devoured. Please go check it out!! I give this book 5/5 stars!

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