***Book Review*** Kiss Cam by Kiara London!

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I completely forgot to post that I had read this and loved it! Kiara London, You did not disappoint! This book is about friendship, feelings, truth, dares, and exploring yourself! It's an emotional read that teens can relate to. Come on, we've all had that one friend where we joke around and it becomes flirtatious but the actual thought of dating them lingers on in your head. That feeling leads to the "what if's" the "how to's" and the "why me?" The dynamic relationship/friendship of the trio is unique and quirky.

Juniper, Lenny, and Jasper come up with an idea to run a vlog. Naming is Kiss Cam. It's playful, funny, daring until people's hearts begin to get involved. This story will move you to tears, You will root for a couple but second-guess the other's feelings.  I give this book 4/5 stars! Kiara, can you please start a real vlog series like this book?! I'm sure my daughter would be among many teens watching every week!

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