Because I Love you by Tori Rigby Book Review.

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First, let me start off that I can relate to this book in so many ways. I became pregnant at 16 years old with Destiny. This broke my mother's heart and angered my father. I grew up in a strict Catholic household so the news of me getting pregnant destroyed the both of them. It was a very emotional time but by the end of my pregnancy, my parents were in my corner. They tried to protect me from the church's view of me. Today they are crazy in love with Destiny. Back to my 16-year-old self, I was scared, I was challenged, I needed to grow up.

Because I Love You is a heartfelt and very emotional....the tears on my kindle will prove it. It’s a story about how a life completely changes after one choice is made. It’s a story of personal growth, a story of making hard decisions, growing up, and about falling in love. It’s a story of the ultimate sacrifice and the kind of love that is instant. A love that is different from any other. A love for your child.

I was an emotional mess reading this. It completely took me back to walking the halls alone and pregnant. Abortion was never an option and adoption wasn't either. I know that some may have wanted me to choose adoption but my parents and I decided that we were going to get through this as a family and raise her together. Destiny's biological father had no part in that. I did graduate high school and with perfect attendance, I may add. She was a delight. The light of my life. My everything and my sunshine.

Reading Rigby's book felt as if I were reading a book semi-based on my life. It had ups and downs and its life lessons. I would definitely read this over and over again. However, I'd make sure I'm not in public. Tori Rigby, you stole my heart with this novel. I loved every single word on every single page. This gets 5/5 stars and a few tears from me.

To Destiny, I instantly fell in love with you the minute I saw that test. I was scared but I was so in love. The moment you were born and I heard your cries, my heart became warm and full of love. I was lucky to feel that feeling one more time when your little brother was born 7 years later. :-) You make me proud every single day! Keep up the great work. I love you to the moon and back my little sunshine. You and I are in this together kiddo.

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