Book Review - The Last Messenger of Zitol by Chelsea Dyreng

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I will admit that I haven't heard of Chelsea Dyreng, but when I read the synopsis of this book, I knew I had to have it. Let's be honest, there aren't many multicultural books in the YA world. Especially one that is rich in culture as this one. This is my first time reading anything by her. If her other book, The Cenote is anything like this one, I will have to pick it up! First, let's admire this book cover. How beautiful is this girl and her eyes? I need a poster of this cover to hang up in my room!

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The Last Messenger of Zitol is about a young woman named Rishi who is heldp captive/kidnapped in the city of Zitol. A city that has many great stories that have been told to Rishi by her grandfather. Rishi has been chosen as the messenger and will be sacrificed to the gods. 

The story is being told from different points of view. I loved how this was done because it gives you a first-hand look at how everyone is processing the events as they unfold. It gives the vivid imagery of everything playing out right in front of you. Rishi is the main character and she is my favorite character! We live in a world where girls need strong female role models. There aren't a lot of books, comics, or shows with a strong female lead. It's all slowly coming into play right now. Dyreng made sure that Rishi was strong, lovable, and relatable. This is why I loved this book! Everything about this book, from beginning to end, was absolutely exceptional. Rishi had that courage to fight for what she thought was pure and good. I cannot say enough how much I loved her character. 

This book was written exceptionally well which can only mean one thing, Dyreng did her research and she did it well. I hope to read more of her work in the future. I hope other authors can see what Dyreng has done and create more stories that are culturally correct and beautiful. Can we get a second book to this? I think this could be a fantastic duology.

This book easily gets 5/5 stars. Well done Chelsea Dyreng, well done. 

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