Book Review - The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry!

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This book was nothing I had expected. It was everything and so much than that! I love me a good thriller and this definitely fulfilled my craving for a good solid thriller. Every character was mysterious and carefully sculpted. The artistry of April Henry's writing created  incredibly vivid imagery. The plot was strong making this a great book!

Having never read anything from April Henry, I must say this book just put her on my author list. I want to read everything that she writes or has written! I guess I'll be going broke buying all of the books she has written thus far....I have got to get my hands on those 5 books.

There were twists and turns in this book and the guessing game never got tiring. It's not your classic whodunit, but it is quite the guessing game that strips every character down to their core. This book was fast paced and kept the readers attention until the very end.

The dramatic events of the murders of Terry and Naomi made this feel real so you could only imagine how I reacted when April Henry tweeted me and said this was in fact inspired by real events and that Nora was based on her mother. I rated this book 4.5/5 stars. Why not 5 stars? Because I'm being selfish and wanted more of Ariel and Duncan's ending.

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