Book Review - The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

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I have never read anything by S.J. Kincaid, I'm so glad that my first was The Diabolic. This book surpassed my expectations. The writing was exceptionally good which made for an exceptional book. It took me a while to read due to my busy schedule but when I picked this book back up, I devoured it in two days! I completely fell in love with this cover. It is one of the most beautiful covers I have ever laid my eyes on. I need this as a poster to hang up in my living room!

Nemesis and Sidonia were written and structured so well. Their personalities are strong, especially Nemesis'. Sidonia was a bit boring but it fit with her class. Sidonia comes off a bit timid but she's very opinionated as to what she will and will not do.

I wasn't always into Dystopian novels but lately, I have been finding myself reading quite a few of these. Escaping into a dystopian/science fiction world is always fun. I also believe you really see the creativity of the author when you're reading a story such as this one. It has sort of a Kick-Ass (for those that have read the comics or have seen the movie) feel to it the more you get into the story.

Nemesis was created, making her, unlike any other human. She is full of rage but was bred to protect. She was not taught to love, although she has grown fond of Sidonia. She will protect Sidonia at any cost, whether is be to protect her physically or emotionally. We are introduced to the Domitrians who I did not care for at all. Which can only mean one thing, Kincaid wrote them substantially well!

I absolutely loved all of the surprises and twists during the story. They really kept me intrigued and interested in the book.  This book could have gone so many ways but I was so glad to see it go the direction that it did. I'm not one to spoil books before they are released so I will try to keep this review and simple as possible. I felt the story was unfinished. This could easily be a trilogy. I wanted more. I need more. S.J. Kincaid, give us more! I'd like to get more of a backstory to some more of the characters that were introduced or maybe like a prequel to how this world came about.

Overall, I loved every single word that was written in this book. This is how a book should be written. This deserves to be a movie! Get this woman a movie deal! I give this book 5/5 stars!

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