Book Review - Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige!

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"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bale who lived in a house made of wood. The monster made him cry like no mother or father should. Then his family went away. But made Bale stay. And Bale burned it all down one day."
Thank you Netgalley for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest review. My daughter has read all of Danielle Paige's books. This is the first of her's I'd read. I loved it! This is unlike any book I've ever read. The fact that it starts off with Snow and Bale in a Psychiatric Hospital is pretty darn awesome. The story is in first person narration, which is being told by Snow. She talks about her dreams, the boy she loves, Bale, and her parents. She longs to understand what her dreams mean and if they are real. She goes on a journey to another world to find the love of her life. Algid is so different from New York City that she has to be careful roaming Algid. She needs to protect herself from the snow beasts. By the way, the snow beasts are pretty awesome. 

"We breathe out the lies; we stutter the truth."
This retelling in this way was very fulfilling for me. It was absolutely delightful to get to know all of the characters in this book. Danielle Paige wrote an excellent story with strong, articulate characters. There was nothing you didn't know about them. I loved Snow and Bale but I have to say that one of my favorites was Kai. Gerde was another character that was beautiful, gentle, sweet but the complete opposite when provoked. In this story, you will fall in love with magic and with love. The ending was great! It was unexpected. The entire book kept me wanting more. Will Snow be betrayed by her new friends? Her love? But who was she really in love with? You will have to read the book to find out! Stealing Snow will be released on September 20, 2016. That's only a month away! 

"But I do, Snow. More than you know. Sometimes you have to break things to find what's unbreakable."
I have always been a fan of the great fairy tales. There's just something about them that even at 32 years old, makes you feel like a little girl. Almost as if you want to put on a dress and twirl around and play the part of a princess. I can almost picture the entire book in my head as if I were Snow! That is what you want from a book. You want to live a different life just for that moment and escape into fantasy. I'm ready for the second book! I give this book 5+++ stars!


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Told you I'd be looking out for your review (on twitter). Indeed Danielle is a very talented story teller that not only brings you into the story but makes you travel with character throughout. I'm glad you enjoy the story and can't wait for when my own copy comes in the mail. Twirling is only age limited if you let it. If you want to do it Helen, go for it.

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Thank you Sheena! I have to read her Dorothy Must Die series now. She writes so beautifully.


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