The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis Book Review.

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I could not put down this book! This book was amazing. Beth Lewis wrote a great story about revenge, redemption, and survival. Elka is a strong headed teenager who embarks on this life changing journey after realizing some things about the man that found her. Trapper gained her trust after teaching her how to survive in the wild. She finds out his secret about who he really is and feels betrayed. This is a book I'd like to see turned into a film. It reminded me of the movie Hanna. If you haven't seen that movie then I highly recommend you go out and buy it and while you're at it, buy this book too!

Beth Lewis' characters were strong and well written. Elka was, of course, my favorite, being that she is the main character. A powerful female lead is what made this book even better. I give this book 5/5 stars. It looks like 2016 is a great year for books!

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