The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon Book Review!

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Let me start off by saying that I was extremely happy to have found out that this was one of my prizes at the B-Fest Teen Festival at Barnes & Noble. I started reading this right away and could not put it down. Nicola Yoon is one of my favorite authors! I loved Everything, Everything so I just knew I was going to love this book. The whole synopsis of the book caught my attention right away and dove right into the book. I love how Nicola Yoon chose two races that are hardly written about in the YA world. That made the book more interesting for me.

We have two points of views in the book, Daniel's and Natasha's. Starting off with Natasha, she is a very very Independent character and doesn't believe in anything unless it's scientifically proven. She is a unique character as well and I like how she wears her ethnic hair naturally. She is basically the character that tells you no one is perfect and also that everyone is facing their own problems outside of school. All around, Natasha's character is lovable. She was without a doubt my favorite character in the book.

Daniel was something else in this book. At some points in the book, I thought he was really desperate for Natasha and it made me laugh. He was pretty funny throughout the book which kept me laughing out loud. He also lives a very tough life with having to be a Doctor and living up to his parent's high expectations. He really wants to be a poet but can't live that dream in fear of his parents disowning him for chasing his dreams.

Just the fact of Natasha having to be deported in twelve hours makes it almost impossible for these two to fall in love; with her running around New York City trying to not get her and her family deported and Daniel getting ready for his Yale interview makes it even better. I have to say the ending had me with my jaw dropped all the way down to the floor and crying from happiness. This book was just so beautifully written. This is a must read honestly and I can't wait until it comes out so you all can read it. It's a unique and amazing story that everyone will love!

Definitely gave this book 5/5 stars! So keep your eye open in November to pick this baby up!!

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