The Problem With Forever By Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review!

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Before I start can I just say Rider Stark is my book boyfriend!! He is just so dreamy and perfect and I need to stop lol! This is my first book that I have ever read by Jennifer L. Armentrout and this book made me want to read all her other books as well! When I read the synopsis of the book I wanted it, literally when I got the book I immediately picked it up and started to read it. I even stayed up till 2am to read it but stopped because I was so tired I fell asleep clutching the book lol.

Anyways I loved this book and just loved the characters. In this book, we follow one point of view but have two main characters which would be Mallory and Rider. Can I just say I ship Mallory and Rider so much!! they are just so darn cute! Okay back to the characters I'm going to talk about Rider first. Rider was just perfect to me in this book.

I love how caring and protective he is of Mallory even if they have been separated for quite some time. He automatically knows it's her just by looking at her and just carries on the relationship they had like they just saw each other yesterday which I loved. He has this strong bond with Mallory and a connection that no one can break because they have been through so much together in the past.

Rider was just an amazing character and I really loved him! Mallory was just so amazing! She is so shy but I love her because at the end I could tell she came so far and faced everything she was afraid of and I was so happy for her that I started crying so hard where I ugly cried. Her character is just so soft, warming, fragile, and vulnerable. She was just so wonderful. I was happy to see how Mallory grew towards the end and stood up to a couple people and finally made her own life decisions and followed her heart in the end.

The book overall was just so touching and again made me cry so hard. I give this book 10/5 lol. I added another 5 for the beautiful book cover!

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