Sigil In Shadow By Constance Roberts ARC Book Review + Author Q&A!

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This book was on both of our Goodreads shelf so when Constance asked us to be apart of the book tour, we simply could not turn it down. We loved this book so much! The Synopsis is very intriguing and will make you want to immediately dive right into the book - which is what we did once we received it. We had to decide who was going to read it first - Destiny won that round. It is a fast paced book so you will get through it quickly. This book is basically The Selection By Kiera Cass meets Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard but with its own twist, making it unique in its own way. We really enjoyed  the many nice elements that the author put in this story. So we have our main character Ellary which has such a unique personality. She is kind of an oblivious person sometimes in certain situations but other than that she is sweet, caring, courteous, and considerate.

Ellary was such a strong and powerful character and did have some trouble adapting to her new lifestyle in the book but never showed weakness in doing so. She learned to face her problems and was always offering her help in any problem. A romance sparks up in the book between Ellary and Denzil. We was hoping there would be more of that romance in the book since we love our romance, but there wasn't. Maybe the author could write a second book and continue that story in book two. Which we heard through the grapevine - or in an email - that she may or may not be working on book two. Other than that the book was absolutely wonderful.

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We loved the friendship between Ellary and Princess Corrin! They immediately click and start to understand each other. She really helped Ellary settle into her new lifestyle and gave her a friend to talk to other than Treya. She is also taken under the wing kind of by Queen Cressida for reasons that we cannot say because that would be a huge spoiler!! You would just have to buy the book and read it. We loved the Princess and Queen's characters in the book!

We would really love to read more from Constance Roberts!! Her writing is great and the structuring of the story and the characters was great. Everything about the book/story was strong. We keep saying that we hope there will be a second book in the future, so let's keep those fingers crossed!!  4.5/5 stars!! Amazing book Constance Roberts!!

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I started "writing" stories before I could read. My mom was kind enough to write the words after I drew all the pictures. And instead of paying attention in middle school, I would write stories about me and my friends. (I don't recommend this)

I didn't really seriously consider writing until I was probably in high school. I kept going to the bookstores searching for the perfect book and coming up disappointed. So I decided I should just write my own books to read. Since then, a lot of exciting books have come out and now I have a hard time balancing my writing time with my reading time.

Where did you get your inspiration to write Sigil in Shadow?

That book is mostly the result of reading/watching too much historical fiction and playing too many fantasy video games. One day I found these really beautiful, old looking earrings on Pinterest and I wanted to know their story. After that, my imagination just kind of ran away from me, and now we have Sigil in Shadow. :)

Which character was the hardest to write?

Probably Ellary's mother, Mira. She's not physically in the books, just in the character's memories, so she didn't have any scenes to actually experiment with and get to know her on a personal level with interactions and dialogue. I kind of just had to flesh her out from the decisions she made in her past and Ellary's memories of her.

Which character is your favorite?

Probably the Inquisitor. There's so much mystery to him and so much the readers don't know about him yet. I love the aspect of his personality that makes him seem like he's a little devious, but in reality he has strong sense of what's right and what's wrong.

He wasn't in much of the first draft, until my husband read it and said, "I really like him. Make him more important and in more of the story."

What 3 books are on your TBR list right now?

Next on my TBR list is "A Court of Thorns and Roses" by Sarah J. Maas. I've been wanting to read that book for a long time, but it moved up on the list after a reviewer said fans of that book would like my book, and after I found out that the author is coming to my bookstore in September! Yay!

Number two would be "Uprooted" by Naomi Novak. Sounds awesome and I've only heard good things about it.

After that, I'd like to read the rest of the books in the "Mistborn" series by Brandon Sanderson.

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