Our Trip to Let's Play Books! Bookstore in Emmaus, PA!

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Growing up in the Lehigh Valley, I thought I pretty much knew about all of the neat and beautiful places around town, especially the bookstore. I'll tell you the story about how we ended up at Let's Play Books!. It all started on Twitter. Destiny and I headed out to find Victoria Schwab's This Savage Song. But to our disappointment we couldn't find it - and we went to both of our local Target stores. We recorded a video and tweeted it out and tagged Victoria Schwab in it who then responded!

This was the tweet we sent out:
Then Heather Harlen, the author of Hope you Guess My Name (you can read that book review here), responded to me on Twitter and let me know that Let's Play Books! might have it. I never heard about this bookstore. I started to ask where the location was and the store hours. The owner Kirsten tweeted me and let me know she had a copy at the store and was putting it aside for me. This is when I knew this bookstore had become my favorite one. Especially knowing that it is literally 10 minutes from my parents' house, Kirsten is just amazing and super friendly, and they are moving to a bigger location just right down the street! I started snapping pictures of what the inside and the outside of the store looked like. Just know that they are moving in about 2 weeks so I will be updating with new pictures and their new location.

You can see on the outside of Let's Play Books! There are a wagon and a little house that has books. People are free to come and take books that are in the wagon or the little house and put books in as well. I've seen this on Facebook from bookstores all over the world so it was pretty exciting seeing it in the town right next to our hometown.

They have a great teen book club which meets every month. You can read more about that and the other clubs here. They also have an ARC Club - which by the way I just find fascinating! It is in their second year. There is a fee to join. The Summer, Fall and Winter sessions are  different prices. It is totally worth it. Children are invited to read books before they are released to help the bookstore decide which books should be purchased.

Destiny and I were in awe over this bookstore. The simplicity yet the array of decorations that were in the store made it feel like you were in your home. It made you feel comfortable like you never wanted to leave. I really didn't want to leave. If I could, I would have sat in the rocking chair for hours just reading.

How could you not love this store?

There's something for everyone in Let's Play Books! Just look around and see where your eyes take you or you can always just ask Kirsten.

We went in to pick up the book that Kirsten had put aside for us, Victoria Schwab's This Savage Song and we ended up walking out with two other books. If you are in the Lehigh Valley area, I high recommend Let's Play Books! It's always best to support your local businesses especially those who are all about education and literature!

 Check out Let's Play Books! website for more information on events, author's signings, staff picks, and more. http://www.letsplaybooks.com/

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