99 Days By Katie Cotugno Book Review!

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OMG... this book was just terrific. Katie Cotugno did such a wonderful job writing this book. I loved everything about this book honestly! I'm so glad I finally read this because it has been on my shelf ever since it came out but I never had the chance to read it until now and I'm glad I picked it up. The characters in the book were put together so brilliantly!! They were all different and had a unique touch to each one of them. So in this book we have three main characters and a couple side characters that are still important but not as much as our three main characters.

So our three main characters are Patrick, Gabe, and Molly. I felt bad for Patrick's character in the beginning but then later on in the book my feelings for Patrick were so much different. His character can best be described as mysterious, manipulative, charming, and sweet. I know my feelings are mixed for Patrick. Overall I enjoyed Patrick's character in the book! Okay now going onto Gabe. I loved Gabe so freaking much you guys don't even know!! He was just so cute, charming, and sweet towards Molly that I was always smiling!

Although this book is about Molly's mistakes and facing her mistakes she ran away from the previous year and plus Gabe being included in her mistake I just think Gabe is perfect!! He just sounds dreamy when Molly was describing him in the book. Gabe was without a doubt my favorite Donnelly brother! Last but not least we have the lovely Molly Barlow. Honestly, Molly's character had me so frustrated sometimes with her decisions during the book. I would describe her character as vulnerable, sweet, interesting, courageous, and amiable.

Her character was for sure a character that grew throughout the book. She actually found herself in the end and realized so many things and finally knew what she wanted. Honestly,this book was just so good and I want to read more from Katie Cotugno or even more about Molly and the Donnelly brothers. I know I didn't talk about side characters so I'll just talk about one of them. One side character I enjoyed was Tess. She was just so compassionate and open with Molly and I liked how their friendship sparked as soon as they met.

I give this book 5/5 stars, I really really enjoyed it and I promise you will too!!

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