Wink Poppy Midnight By April Genevieve Tucholke Book Review

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To start this review off I have to say this book was unlike anything I've EVER read. It was weird yet captivating, I couldn't put the book down. I literally finished the book in one sitting - give or take 3 hours, the reason being I couldn't put it down. It's going to be so hard to write a review and not spoil anything lol. Let me start with the synopsis. The synopsis was very very enthralling. The whole mystery and everything caught my interest.

Okay, going into characters I'm going off with Midnight since he is the first point of view we read in the book. Midnight is a very weak character and can easily be taken advantage of when we start to get to know him in the first couple of his POV's. Throughout the book, he can be very vulnerable to Poppy who is the next character I want to discuss.

Poppy is a manipulative human being, I hate how many times she takes advantage of Midnight. She just uses him and then when she's down she throws him to the corner and doesn't talk to him until she wants to again. She is always laughing at something no matter if it's something not to be laughed at or if it's actually funny, she is always laughing. Poppy ends up vulnerable at some points in the book and gets a taste of her own medicine. Poppy may be cruel and bitter to people but we find out why later on in the book. Now lastly we have Miss. Wink Bell. Wink is a very abnormal character. She develops a friendship with Midnight after he moves in across from her but her whole character is just strange.

She is very shy and does not care what people think of her or say about her at all. There is really not much to say bout Wink's character because if I continue spoilers will be revealed so I'll stop it right there. It took me a while to finally gather up my feelings towards this book. I'm still trying to figure them out but it was still good. Make sure to go check it out! I give this book 4/5 stars. Reason being was because I was just very confused in the beginning. Overall though the story was good.

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