Until Friday Night By Abbi Glines Book Review

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Number one fact about me is I utterly love football romance books or anything that has to do with sports!! This book is, in fact, one of those sports romance books with a slight twist that made it even better!! Okay number one thing that I loved was the whole entire concept of the book. The fact that Maggie our main character doesn't speak and then slowly grows an attachment and opens up to West our other main character and forms this strong friendship. Another thing that caught my attention was all the characters and how well they are composed.

Maggie's character was just so unique and so wonderful. Her character is very strong with everything she has been through she still manages to overcome that and face her fears and actually open up to the one person who she knew she could really trust. I just love Maggie all around and I really like how the author developed her character really well from the beginning of the book and all the way to the end.

West is our other main character who as well is a very closed off person and keeps his personal life at home away from his social life at school. He knows how to keep them as far away as possible and makes sure he doesn't mix them both up. He has a very personal situation which is the reason why he gets so close to Maggie because they both can relate to situations they currently have going on. West is very hard to explain because his character opens up more towards the middle of the book and you really can't explain his character more without giving spoilers.

Lastly, we have the side character Brady who is Maggie's cousin. Brady can seem like a Jerk in the beginning but he then starts to look at Maggie as a little sister. There are some parts that I found so cute because he gets very protective of her when she is with West and he catches them he gets all brotherly and it's just so sweet!

So you can tell how much I loved this book and I really can't wait till the next book comes out cause I heard it is going t be a series and I hope it is true because I am so ready!! Please go check this book out I promise you will love it!! I give this book 5/5 stars!

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