The Way To Game The Walk Of Shame By Jenn P. Nguyen Book Review

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This book is one of my new favorite contemporary novels. I've never heard of this book so when my mom got it I wasn't sure whether it was going to be good or not but once I read the synopsis it caught my attention right away. So I took it and just started reading it pushing my other book at the moment to the side. Once I started reading I literally could not put it down, the way the author wrote it made me feel as if I was the main character and it was almost as if I can feel all the emotions, Taylor, the main character was feeling.

Taylor was so interesting to me because she reminded me of me which made me love it even more. Taylor as the main character was just fantastic! She's so funny at times and actually had me laughing out loud. The one particular part which had my laughing to the point where I started crying was when she is chopping up pickles for the tuna because she tends to do that when she's either mad or nervous and it's just a funny scene in the book!

I also like how proper she is and sometimes at the wrong moments and she's the only awkward person it is just hilarious! Evan was a very interesting character to me as well. He is very closed off in the beginning and doesn't show that much emotion until later on in the book. He starts to open up and becomes friends with Taylor and they just become so close to each other, it's just so cute and adorable.

I was pretty happy for Evan because he finally found a friend who understands him and won't take his bad boy act for anything. I especially love the way he acts around her family, like such a gentleman, very charismatic and sweet. Overall I loved this book and it certainly has found it's way to becoming my new favorite contemporary novel!


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Great review, Destiny! Sounds like a good find :)


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