*Contains Spoilers* Maybe Someday By Colleen Hoover Book Review

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This book was just ahh!! Literally, all of Colleen Hoover's books never cease to amaze me and become my new favorite! Maybe Someday made me feel ALL of the feels. I ship Sydney and Ridge so much they make such a cute couple and I just love how they both love music and find their passion in it. With Sydney's character in the book I was just in love with her, she's just so independent and unique and I love how she doesn't feed into anyone's bull. Honestly, I must say she was my favorite character. When she describes her love for music I love how you can feel her passion in why she loves it. She's just such an amazing character and definitely makes my list of favorite female protagonists.

Moving on to Ridge, man did I love Ridge. He just sounds dreamy and I know that sounds weird but if you have read the book I hope you can relate. Ridge's character is so unique It's amazing, and the fact that he is *SPOILER* deaf just makes the whole entire book unique. *SPOILER AGAIN* When I found out he had a girlfriend I was literally crying and screaming-- internally of course. I just knew right then and there how it was going to end. Basically, Colleen Hoover likes to have a really big plot twist in all of her books, like literally all of them. So throughout the whole book I was just deep into it and was just waiting for the plot twist.

Usually, I'm always wrong with my predictions on what the plot twist will be but for this book I was actually right for the first time, and probably my last. The ending of the book is just so sweet, romantic and left be bawling at night. This book is just so beautifully amazing. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!! As usual, I gave this book 5/5 stars!

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