Glass Sword By Victoria Aveyard Book Review!

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OMG, this book is just amazing!! It took me a while to finally get to it after it came out even though we purchased it right after it was released. It was just sitting on my shelf until I finally decided to pick it up and read it. So I got Red Queen when it first came out and read it right away - you can read my Red Queen review here - so when Glass Sword came out I immediately re-read Red Queen but held off to read Glass Sword until a couple days ago I was like you know what I'm going to just read this baby right now. I finished it in 2 days and felt so many emotions at once that it put me into a book slump. I felt that no other book will ever be as good as this one. Okay now on to the actual review!

I absolutely loved this book, it was definitely better that the first book. I loved the character development of Mare throughout the book. To me, the book was about Mare finding out who she can trust and who was really there for her because we all know that the ending of the first book left Mare thinking she can't trust anyone, not even herself. So for Mare not being able to trust anyone or even herself caused her to make bad decisions throughout the book and it without a doubt has many consequences. Now Cal in this book had me on the edge of my seat because we don't really get a solid answer from him. For example, is he with the Scarlet Guard or with the Silver's.

I was just scared that at some point in the book Cal was going to betray Mare and the Scarlet Guard, it made me extremely anxious! Now on to Maven. Maven is just an odd character for me in this book. In the first book I absolutely loved him but in this one, he kept giving me mixed feelings. During some points in the book he seemed like he was being controlled by Queen Elara and still wanted Mare but then other times he was just downright cruel to her and made me a little uneasy about his character.

So in Glass Sword, you are introduced to a couple new characters who are known as "Newbloods" which you will find out about that when you read Glass Sword. One of my favorite Newbloods would definitely have to be Cameron. I love Cameron so much! Oh and we can't forget about Shade and Farley! I quickly had an attachment with Shade in this book because in the first one we spent almost the whole entire book thinking he was dead and at the end found out he was alive so I had a quick attachment with his character. I also love how gentle and brotherly he is with Mare it's just so cute and also how much he worries about her and always checks in to see if she's safe or doing fine. He was indeed one of my new favorite characters.

Lastly, we have Captain Farley! Farley has always been one of my favorites because of her strong character and how independent she is. In this book, she definitely shows more of her independence and lack of dependence on others. She is just a powerful and fierce character and I love her. I mostly love every single one of these characters in the series! To find out about where Mare's story goes next be sure to read Glass Sword!! Victoria Aveyard did an amazing job with the character development in the second book. She brought the characters more to life to the point where I can envision them. I can't wait to receive the ARC (I was the winner at the b-fest teen festival so I get to receive ARC's for a year!) to King's Cage which will be the third installment of the series.

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