All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven Book Review!

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This book made me feel so many emotions! One minute I was crying the next I was laughing and then I started doing both at the same time which made me look crazy. This book was just so beautifully written and put together so well and it was just so awesome. I knew that just by reading the synopsis of the book that I was going to like it because just the overall concept and idea of the book is interesting, it’s something I’ve never seen another book write about. Now going in the book the first couple chapters made me laugh like crazy because of Finch’s attitude towards Violet on the ledge of the bell tower, he was so amusing throughout the book and that’s what made me laugh the most he attitude towards things and how he lives life being the class clown kind of. Finch is just unpredictable, you never know what dumb thing he’s going to do next and when he does it unexpected you will laugh out loud.

Violet’s character is so sweet and I really love her and her personality as well, she is just nice throughout the book and I don’t really know how to put Violet’s character in words other than simply awesome. The whole story of Violet and her sister’s death and how it happened made me cry. Not only did she lose her sister, she also lost her best friend and who she admired and looked up too. Violet’s passion for writing was a huge wave of happiness for me because I love to write and I felt that personal connection with her character at the moment with that subject. She loved to read and write and I just think that’s so awesome that she loves to do the same things as I do. These two characters fit so well in with each other that I loved all scenes with them together. I loved how he got that smile back on her face and how he made her experience the world again and actually began to open up after her sister’s tragic death.

My favorite part though would be when she and Finch share the poems or stories on Facebook and just share their own and it’s just so beautiful! Now Finch’s story is just downright sad and I cried so many times throughout his point of view. His abusive dad and him having to be forced to spend time with his dad’s new family and witness the happiness they have that he never got to have. When you're reading his thoughts in the book you can almost feel his pain and what he’s going through and that’s what makes it even more emotional. Now overall this book was absolutely phenomenal and I loved it so much! All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is an absolute must read for your TBR book pile!

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