YOU By Caroline Kepnes Book Review!

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Joe is a charming young man that runs Mr. Mooney's book store who has an electric encounter with a young woman, Beck. Beck and Joe come from two different worlds, Joe only graduated college and Beck attends Brown University that has daddy issues. Their love story is a bit of an odd and bumpy one. He adores her and she loves to be adored. It hauntingly cryptic and thrilling when secrets starts to unravel.

"There you are, in black ink. You wrote to me:

Engine, Engine, Number Nine,
One the New York transit line
If some drunk girl falls on the tracks
Pick her up pick her up pick her up

I read it aloud; I know you get off on your writing and you clap at the end and there it is in writing. You are literally asking me to pick you up and you nod and your name is there so it's not freaky when I say it.

"Thank you, Guinevere."
"It's Beck.""

I absolutely loved the book the moment I started reading it. I immediately had an unpleasant feeling about Joe and loved Beck. She was cutesy and he was a bit of an obsessed and unpleasant disaster. Or so I thought. I started to fall in love with Joe's character. I loved him. I loved his love for books, his love for Beck - even though it was completely disturbing at times - and I loved that he appreciated those that have appreciated and took care of him, like Mr. Mooney. I started to dislike Beck, more and more. She was needy, a bit of a narcissist, and cared only about herself instead of those around her. She craved attention and used it to her advantage. His obsession with Beck is unhealthy and almost saddening. It makes you feel sorry for Joe. Is that weird? To be rooting the the guy that is disturbing and hauntingly menacing? This book isn't for everyone but it was definitely my kind of book. I loved the second person narration and how Joe eloquently speaks of YOU (Beck).

The characters were so beautifully structured. I loved to hate Peach. She was every bit of annoying but I loved it. Dr. Nicky was so laid back and such a man child that you almost felt sorry for him. Because let's face it, we all know someone like Nicky. Benji was such an entitled jerk but was one that needed to be coddled. Overall I give this book a 5/5 stars. Caroline Kepnes did an amazing job writing this book.

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