Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace Book Review!

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This book was absolutely not what I had expected at all! Kali Wallace did a spectacular job writing this book. Breezy's story is mysterious and quite shocking. The book starts off with a bang which leaves you questioning - what, how, why, is she? Breezy is a high school junior just enjoying life when she suddenly disappears. She wakes up a year later with no memory, in the same clothes. You have no idea what she is until midway through the book. The twists this book had from beginning to end had me yelling. Yes, I yelled. I cursed. I had a lot of moments of confusion and when all of my questions were answered, I understood every single thing! Wallace did such a fantastic job with every single one of the characters that I applaud her. They were strong, funny, well-developed characters with a little bit of their own story. All of those elements that Wallace incorporated into the story made for an amazing story. A story that starts off with murder which then introduces monsters, ghouls, magicians, and mermaids - ok so I'm lying about the mermaids, but not the other stuff - is my kind of story!!!

Breezy's final moments were revealed towards the end of the book and they left me completely shocked and surprised. A twist no one would have ever expected or have seen coming a mile away. Breezy and Zeke developed an awkward friendship as time went by. I'd love for there to be a second book with Breezy and Zeke's adventure. I give this book 4/5 stars. Why a 4/5? Because I want the second book of this to be written lol. I need to know what Breezy is up to. I need to know where her life, her new one, has taken her. Did she contact family? Did she eventually go and contact Melanie? Did she go back to Ricky's house? Come on Kali Wallace, give us a second book! We need more.

Now let's talk about how beautiful this book is. I took the sleeve off and was just in love. The simple black rose was so perfect on this white cover. perfectly symbolizes Breezy's life or lack thereof.

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