The Forgotten Girl by David Bell Book Review

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Everything is centered around Hayden, who is Jason's sister and Jason's best friend Logan who went missing 27 years earlier. Jason hasn't spoken to Hayden in a few years so when they reconnected, he was a bit weary of whatever was behind her sudden mission. She trusted Jason and Nora to watch her her daughter Sierra for two days....but those two days turned into two weeks. Hayden has not been heard from since that one text she sent Sierra. Some questions about Logan's disappearance have been coming up lately and it's making him question if Hayden's sudden visit and disappearance are related to Logan's. Two different worlds somehow collide and the truth finally comes out. Something happened that night of Jason and Logan's graduation that has changed everyone's lives. Uncovering Hayden's reason for her visit and sudden vanishing will open up new wounds and will change the way you see people. Deception and protection go hand in hand and secrets will destroy you if you don't set them free.

This is the second book I've read from David Bell and it was just as great. All of the characters were well written and the plot was strong and structured. There were so many twists and turns that I kept gasping in disbelief. Every little new thing that was being revealed in the book, was another puzzle piece. At the end, all of the pieces fit in perfectly. There were parts in this book that made me feel melancholy. That's how you know the book is amazing, when it makes you feel emotions. David Bell is an amazing writer, that after the first book I read, I went and bought all of his books. This one is the second one I've read and I can't wait to read his others. This book kept me on the edge. I kept wanting more and when I got more, I couldn't take it because it was just all too good. The connections that all of the characters had to each other was simply fascinating yet disturbing which made for an amazing book. 

I've mentioned before that I know when a book is great when I could picture the entire thing in my head like a movie. This was another one of those books. David Bell should definitely look into turning his books into movies or a TV series. It would most certainly be on my to watch list. 

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