The Battle for Room 314 by Ed Boland Book Review!

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I really enjoyed this book. I got home from night class and decided to read a few chapters. Three hours later, I was finished reading the entire book. I could not put this down. It angered me to read the things going on and it also hurt me. As a parent, you want to be able to help all of the kids who are in need of help. Mr. Boland comes off as a determined and passionate educator which is something we now lack from a few in the same field.

I admire his tenacity and strong will to keep on teacher after all of the obstacles that were thrown in his way. It gave me an insight as to what my friends, who are also educators, go through in some schools. Being a parent to children who attend public school where the majority of the students do not respect their educators, has me disgruntled. I did not agree on Mr. Boland's view at the end however, he is very honest and brutal.

As the chapters went on, I found myself comparing it to the two high schools in my town. The battle for room 314 is going on all across the US and it's time that we do something about it. At the end of the day you realize that this is a very important issue that needs all the attention to find a solution. The public school system nationwide is failing, not just the NYC public schools. It's becoming a more serious issue and Mr. Boland does indeed point that out. Some may have disagreed about the way Mr. Boland handled some issues at hand but we have to understand that when you as passionate as Mr. Boland and you are not getting the feedback you deserve or desire, it will break you down mentally. I could not say how I would have reacted to the disrespect he faced, but I could say that it would make me feel as a complete failure.

Ed Boland has earned my respect for going into the schools that no one wants to go to and continuing to go back day after day to teach. He never gave up and never will. His love is teaching and clearly it shows in this book. I highly recommend this book to all of my educator friends and even to those who are not.

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