*Spoiler Alert* Illuminae by Amie Kaufman Book Review!

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

** spoiler alert ** 
Oh My Goodness, I absolutely loved this book but I read it instead of listening to the amazing audiobook but it was still amazing!!!! I love how the all the characters interact with each other throughout the book and how they grew closer to each other and how both Ezra and Kady both made new friends they grew attached too. I'd have to say some of my favorite moments of the book had to do with Ezra and McNulty's messages because they were just so hilarious and had me laughing out loud. I love how when they were discussing the virus it gave me a walking dead vibe but there were major differences like the Phobos Infection the people are insane but are still sane in a way.

I did indeed cry at the end when we find out that AIDAN tricked Kady and she had that breakdown when she finds out that her mom is dead and has been and when AIDAN told Kady that it was him messaging her instead of Ezra and she asked if he was alive though and AIDAN just says he's dead I cried with her because I thought they were going to make it together but it didn't seem like it at that point. Then when Kady starts a plan and plans to save everyone but herself I cried too and I was silently curing at The Lincoln. Then the action starts and I loved all the action parts in the book they were phenomenal!!!!

Then somehow Kady is still alive well half alive and makes it on to the Hypatia and little did and then we find out that Ezra is not dead he is intact alive I was crying tears of joy. Oh, I almost forgot I especially liked it during the book when Ezra would send her those Pictures made up of words. Anyways back in to the ending I was happy with how it turned out with Ezra and Kady finally reuniting with each other it definitely brought tears to my eyes!!!

I almost forgot another thing I cried when we found out that McNulty died and what he said to tell Ezra and his family and also when Byron did I cried but he was pretty creepy when he was all like I have to kill AIDAN and then your next don't worry it'll be your turn soon. That freaking creeped me out!! But anyways this book was Phenomenal and I loved it I definitely give it 5/5 stars!!

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