I'd Like To Brag About My Signed Copy Of Dean Koontz's Ashley Bell!

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Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz was released on December 8th, 2015. I have been looking everywhere for a signed copy last week while perusing my favorite store (Target), I found a copy! I was able to price match this to Amazon. The list price to this book is $28.00 but Target sells it for $19.60. I was able to price match it for $17.62. Can we agree that this cover is amazing?!

His autograph is imprinted on the cover which I love. I was so happy to see just how much his actual autograph was exactly the same as it was on the cover! I could not keep my hands off of this book for the rest of the night since I brought it home. The book is 578 pages long so it is quite a big book. 

Dean Koontz is a brilliant author who has written over 100 books. He goes by 10 different pen names graduated from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania! One of my favorite series from him is the Odd Thomas series. I highly recommend you start reading that if you have not read them yet. 

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