Somebody I Used To Know by David Bell Book Review!

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I bought this book the day of it's release and I just didn't start reading it until few weeks ago. This book had me drawn in from the first chapter. In this book you'll read about Nick, Laurel, Heather, Gina, Andrew, Marissa, Jade, and Meredith. I found this book to be absolutely amazing. In the beginning of the book you'll read that Nick and Marissa had a relationship in college which ended abruptly with no explanation. She dies in a fire and leaves Nick with the haunting question of why? 20 years after her death he's still obsessed with how everything was left. He never really quite got over her and the fire in which she died in haunts him. Nick and Gina were married but it didn't work out since he was still hung up on Marissa which has led him to become divorced from Gina. Gina and Nick do not have any children together but Gina does have a child from a previous relationship whose name is Andrew. Nick loves Andrew as if he was his own son and that kind of causes a bit of a problem in the beginning. Nick heads out to the grocery store and just happened to see someone that looks exactly like Marissa. He starts to follow her around the store and notices her body language is almost identical to Marissa. Nick approaches her but she runs away.

The following morning this girl who he had just seen that I before is found murdered. Nick becomes the prime suspect in her murder because they found his name and his address on her dead body. Nick goes on this long run to try to clear his name and find out what really happened to her, who is she, and how does she know him. Laurel, his best friend goes on this quest with him to clear his name and together they uncover some dark secrets. This book comes to life the more you keep reading on. You see these characters very clear and can picture all that is going on. I highly recommend this book. This is a book that I would love to see on the big screen. David Bell did an amazing and exquisite job writing this book. The plot was great and the description of each character was detailed which showed strong writing. If you are a fan of mystery then this is definitely for you. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars. So if you find yourself at Barnes and Nobles or Target or if you're shopping on Amazon think about buying this book. The only thing I didn't like about this book was that it does not come in hardcover.

Want to know what actors and actresses I imagine playing these roles? Check out my list below!

Nick Hansen - Daniel Day-Lewis
Meredith/Emily - Emma Stone
Marissa Minor - Julianne Moore
Laurel - Halle Berry
Gina - Charlize Theron
Andrew - David Mazouz
Detective Reece - Denzel Washington
Jade Minor - Mireille Enos
Mrs. Maeberry - Cate Blanchett
Mr. Maeberry - Sean Penn

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