My Amazon Book Haul!

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It's no secret I love to read so when I got a free $50 Amazon gift card from my job, it didn't take me long to spend it. See, my job has this Be Well Program in which you enter in your daily steps, what you eat, how much you have exercised, if you've taken your CPR/AED class, had a health screening done, etc. Last year I got $250 in Amazon gift cards and that all went to books for Destiny and toys for Mikey. This year I surpassed 5000 points and I got another free $50 gift card plus an Under Armour DriFit long sleeve shirt.

I hopped right onto and started grabbing the books off of my wishlist. I paid the difference out of pocket which was only $6.42. Which wasn't bad at all. Check out the books I bought!

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