Let Me Introduce Yourself to My Little Bookshelf!

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Everyone has been asking me what books I have on my shelf. These are some of my books. I have not picked up the books I have at my mom's house. I have yet to clean the dust off and put those babies in here. When I moved out 10 years ago, I left them because my apartment was small and I didn't have space for them. About 7 years ago, we all moved to a newly constructed house and I wanted to bring all of my books home but I didn't want to look for them in my mother's basement. So I decided to buy more (because who doesn't love books?)

As you can see, I have my newest books on the top shelf, some older ones on my second shelf, and some cooking books and some of my old college books on my third shelf. I haven't thrown away my old college books because I like to look in them and re-read them to refresh my memory. I'm curious as to what kind of books are on your shelf, so leave a comment below or post a picture on my Facebook page!

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