Mikey's Book Review: Shyness, Mobsters & Baseball!

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The incredible and amazing children's author Paul Kramer has done it again. As a surprise gift, he mailed some books to my son. My son could not wait to read them. Our family is big on reading and we have a rule in the house that there has to be at least 30 minutes of reading every single day. 

The past few weeks have been really difficult for my son. You see my son Mikey is 7 years old and has Asperger's. A few weeks ago he needed to get oral surgery to remove a tooth "I" which is on his right side. To make a long story short, he picked at his stitches in the middle of the night and pulled one out. That led to blood all over his face and shirt which freaked me out and my husband. I had to wake up Destiny (what 14 year old like to be woken up at 3am?) to take a family trip to the ER. Once we got there, it was confirmed that he indeed pulled a stitch out and we needed to follow up with his oral surgeon. This was about a 2 week checkup. We then needed to get him fitted for a spacer which happened a week ago (finally after he healed) and he gets it put on this coming Monday. 

With all of this mess going on, he lost another 3 teeth in the process (they were already falling out), but this poor kid now has 4 teeth that have to grow in! Can you tell by the pictures below? In the mix of things we totally forgot we had mail. We finally sat down and read these amazing books. The review to these cute books will be typed by me but are in his words. I am merely the typist. This is all him, from his heart and mind. So if it seems like a 7 year old wrote it, just remember that technically, they did.

The first book we read together was titled "Why are you shy?".  I loved the illustrations and so did Mikey. 

"This book is about a little girl who is shy and doesn't really like to speak up about things. I like that as the book goes on, she gets more comfortable and you can see that in the beginning of the book, the pictures show her covering her face. At the end of the book, you see her smiling and you can see her face more. It's like she is more stronger and feels like she can do things and say things without being afraid. She is just like me. I used to be shy like her and now I'm not so shy anymore because my parents talked to me about being more confident and never showing fear."

The second book was titled, "Louie the Lobster Mobster". He was anxious to read this book because it reminded him of Spongebob. The illustrations in this book were again great! Some characters reminded us of the movie Shark Tales. This is what he said about the book.

"I really liked this book. Louie was someone that was mean and wanted to collect money from everyone but he also helped out sometimes. You have the good people which are the store owners and the bad people who are Louie the Lobster and his crew. My favorite part was when The store owners all got together to go against the bad guys and won. It shows that being good always wins and being bad gets you nowhere."

The last book was titled " How baseball began". We were both excited to read this book since our family household are avid baseball fans. We love watching sports and baseball is one of our favorites to watch. Especially our favorite team, The New York Yankees! Read his review below!

"This was my favorite book. Clem is just like me except he lives on a farm and has a dog. We both love baseball and both use sticks and use nuts like they are balls. In the story they describe how Clem and his friends invented baseball. It's cool that it started with a branch, nuts, peaches, a rubber ball to then a ball and a bat. I liked how the characters were drawn too. They look really cool and remind me of my favorite movie called Everyone's Hero. It's about baseball and Babe Ruth and his bat. It's really cool how the pictures show you how they started making bats out the of the branches and they showed you the different baseballs calls. This is my favorite now."

There you have it guys! Mikey's reviews in his own words! I hope you all like it. As I stated before, Paul M. Kramer is an amazing children's author. I did not expect for him to send these gifts to my son and boy was it a great surprise. I would definitely recommend you head over to his website www.alohapublishers.com and consider buying some books for your child or children. His books attempt to reduce stress and anxiety and resolve important issues children face in their everyday lives. His books are often written in rhyme which are great for kids. They are entertaining, inspirational, educational and easy to read. And the illustrations are just incredible. It definitely keeps the children interested in the book because it shows exactly what is written.

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