Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Book Review!

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I won this book on Goodreads through the First Reads program and let me just say that I was elated when I found out I won!

Elizabeth Gilbert has done it again. I loved Eat Pray Love so I just knew I was going to love this. I love how she addresses her readers as dear ones. She personalizes it and you just feel an instant connection to what she has written as if she wrote it just for you. This book is incredible, inspiring, uplifting, and amazing. I was going through a bit of an emotional time when I received this book and it was like BAM! Here you go, read this and feel empowered! Elizabeth Gilbert does not BS and she let's you know it's okay if you fail, just make sure you get right back up and continue to fight and climb up. Everyone fails at something and that does not define you. You are defined by how hard you tried and keep trying until you succeed. The connection I had to every single chapter in the book was absolutely amazing.

Destiny is next to read it which I think is just perfect seeing that she just started high school. High school is an entire new world for her. She will be tested. She will go through things that I believe will make or break a teen. With this book, I'm sure she will get through those tough times just fine. It will let her know that not only her mother (me) will say she is strong and can do it but that this author took the time out to connect with her readers to let them know that THEY ARE STRONG, THEY ARE CAPABLE, AND THEY WILL CONCUR.  This book will encourage her even more and give her that extra oomph to boost up her confidence. I highly recommend this book. I think this book should be in taken around everywhere! If you feel a certain way, go back to the chapter and reread it to give you a lift!

This book is out today so make sure you go buy it! Amazon has the hardcover for only #13.72 which is a steal!

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