Leonardo DiCaprio Set to Play H.H. Holmes in The Devil in the White City Movie!

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This morning I came across an article about Leonardo DiCaprio this morning. In that article it stated that he was set to play H.H. Holmes in The Devil in the White City. For those of that do not know who H.H. Holmes is, he was said to be the world's first serial killer. The 2003 bestselling book The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson can be found on Amazon. just click on the title. It is a great book. Growing up, I read a lot of true crime books. I was a little obsessed with history and how crime was back then in the 19th century. I incorporated that into a lot of my college papers.

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune
H.H. Holmes was a young doctor who built a hotel in 1893 with 100 windowless rooms. It was nicknamed 'The Murder Castle'. The structure had gas lines that fed into rooms, enormous furnaces, lime and acid pits, and large vaults where Holmes tortured, suffocated, and strangled his victims. All the while decked out in the natty attire of well-to-do 19th century gentleman. Once he was captured, he confessed to 27 murders, but it's possible that the actual number may have been close to 200. His victims were all female.

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune
Back to this article.....It seems that Paramount has closed and locked the deal to the rights of the book and it is set in stone for Leo to play creepy murderer H.H. Holmes. This should be a great movie seeing that book was great. There is no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio will be brilliant in this film. The last time we saw him in any horror film was in Critters 3 which just so happened to be his first film.

If this type of book is not your 'cup of tea', it is completely okay. Being a mother to a 14 year old girl who loves to read absolutely everything, she was hesitant about these type of books when I first introduced them to her. She was curious when she saw my collection and had some questions. The psychological aspect of biographies about serial killers in the 1900's intrigue me and as I stated before, they helped me with my college papers in abnormal psychology. She now likes to read these kind of books and we love discuss these books together. They make for great discussions and in depth conversations. If you get the chance, pick this book up.

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