A Stroll Around Lehigh University's Campus: Linderman Library is A Beauty!

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Last week I brought my daughter with me to work. I work for Lehigh University and the campus is an absolute beauty. Lehigh is one her top choices. This fall she will be a high school freshman and she couldn't be more excited for this new journey. Lehigh University is in Bethlehem, PA and is #73 overall, #63 in Private colleges, #35 in Research universities, and #41 in the Northeast on the Forbes List. There are about 7,100 enrolled students, 4,900 of those being undergraduates. Total cost of tuition averages to be about $58,835. It was established in 1865 by businessman Asa Packer.

The majority of the students are enrolled in engineering or arts and sciences. In 1945, a tradition began among the incoming freshman. They are "adopted" by the class that preceded them 50 years prior. There are 20 fraternities and 12 sororities as of right now. Lehigh has a longstanding football rivalry with Lafayette University. Last year Lehigh was named #7 out of the top 10 best journalism colleges in the United States. This is what grabbed Destiny's attention. This tour last week solidified her choice to study at Lehigh in the Fall of 2019.

In the pictures above she kept trying to get the butterfly to land on her hand. It didn't happen lol.

As you can see, the campus is beautiful and filled with so many trees. It was super hot this day but we didn't care. Our destination was the Linderman Library.

That building you see back there in the picture below is called the UC (University Center). In there you'll the food court and some offices, too many offices to list.

Our next stop of course had to be the book store. She had just finished reading a book that we are going to post a review about soon after I finish reading it. You'll find all the Lehigh gear here! This is our own Barnes & Noble Lehigh Bookstore. How cool is that? The book section isn't big but if you want a specific book, you can request it and they'll order it for you.

We finally made it to the historic Linderman Library. The Linderman Library is a laboratory and showcase for humanities programs and collections, as well as an intellectual center for the campus. The 1878 high Victorian rotunda and the 1929 grand reading room were retained in all their magnificence after the renovation. There are four seminar rooms, a computer classroom, a quiet study space, five group studies, a cafe, and wireless throughout. Linderman houses books and journals in the humanities and Lehigh’s impressive collection of rare books including Darwin’s Origin of Species and James John Audubon’s four volume elephant folio edition of Birds of America.

Linderman has spiral staircases which you can see in the pictures. Where the spiral staircases end, you'll see a thick glass window looking into the room below. There's a table and chairs for studying as you can see.

We tried to take a nice picture of ourselves but by the time we got to Linderman Library, we were all sweaty and had our hair looking a complete mess.

This is the part of the library that everyone falls in love with. I can stand here just admiring the room and the bookcases.

The stained glass rotunda is gorgeous. You have to see it in person. It made it #3 on the 50 Most Amazing College Libraries!

You can see the amazing detail in the ceiling. Destiny just kept looking up and saying "omg mom, this is awesome!"

We were at Linderman Library for a good 20 minutes. We browsed through the old books they had there and we read a few excerpts from some to each other. This trip to Linderman sealed the deal for Destiny. This is will be her sanctuary when she attends Lehigh. Lehigh has three libraries, two of them being on lower campus and the other being on the mountain top campus. If you are near Lehigh University, I highly recommend you visit and come see this gorgeous campus. I will warn you that no matter how physically fit you are, you will be winded. Lehigh is on a hill. There are buses that will take you from the bottom of the campus, to the top and all the way to mountain top. You'll just have to look up their schedule online at lehigh.edu

I hope you enjoyed our tour of Lehigh as much as we did. I am honored and grateful to work in such a tight community and beautiful campus. 

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