Mikey's Book Review: Boogers, Bullies, & Sleeps!

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About two weeks ago I asked friends, family, and a number of you if you would be so kind as to donate books to the Circle of Seasons Charter School. I decided to get on Twitter and tweet my little heart out and get the attention of anyone and everyone I possibly could get and see if they could donate. I firmly believe that the world needs to pick up a book, open it up and indulge in the story that is written inside. Children need it and adults need it. These children need books for their library. So far they have gotten so many donations and Dr. Mazepa couldn't be more thankful to all of you!

On Twitter, I reached to out to Award-Winning Author, Paul M. Kramer. He was extremely kind and sent me three books of my choice that he donated to Circle of Seasons Charter School. His books attempt to reduce stress & anxiety & resolve important issues children face in their everyday lives. The books that I chose were Bullies Beware!, Booger Bob, and Zeep Needs More Sleep. I sat down with my son who just turned 7 years old this past weekend and read all three of these amazing books with him.

The first thing we noticed when we opened each book was that they were personally autographed by Paul M. Kramer himself which was "really cool" as my son put it. The second thing we noticed was the great illustration.

The first book we read was Booger Bob. Oh how we needed such a book like this one in my household at this very moment. Like any other kid, my son will wipe his nose on the sleeve of his shirt. This book showed all of the important ways to properly wipe your nose and how not to wipe your nose. This book got a two thumbs up from my son and from me. He told everyone about Booger Bob!

The second book was Bullies Beware!. The main character in the book was named Mikey. My son is named Mikey and he just thought that was super cool and this book automatically became his favorite book. This book was great. It really explained what kids should do if they are in a situation when someone is bullying them. The illustration again was great and so was the story. we gave this one a thumbs up as well!

The last book we read was called Zeep Needs More Sleep. This book was perfect for my son! My son always complains about going to bed on time and always wakes up tired. This book did a perfect example of showing and explaining why you need more sleep! The illustration again was excellent.

Paul M. Kramer is an excellent author and his technique is quite impressive. All of his books are written in rhyme which catches the attention of young readers. It also makes it super fun when the parents are reading the stories to them. You can buy books written by Paul M. Kramer on www.alohapublishers.com. If you'd like to follow Paul M. Kramer on Twitter, then head here! I will definitely be buying some books to add to Mikey's library from this incredible author. You will not be disappointed.

This review was typed by me but was given by both Mikey and myself!

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