Dollar Tree June Book Haul!

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On Saturday Destiny and I went to Dollar Tree as we do every now and again and browse through the book section. We've bought books there before but have never blogged about it. We decided we were going to start doing some Dollar Tree book hauls! You find some awesome stuff at Dollar Tree! The best thing is that everything's a dollar!!!!

Now you can't beat a deal like that right? Some of these books retailed between $15- $30 and they have them here for $1! This is heaven wrapped up in a jacket with pages full of words for us to take take in! These were the books that we purchased:
  • The Empty Glass by J.I Baker
  • The Last Minute by Jeff Abbott (which we later found out was book #2 of a series he has so we are in search for book #1)
  • The Interrogator by Glenn L. Carle
  • Syndrome E by Franck Thilliez

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