Our Trip to Barnes & Nobles and our Must Read Picks for Today!

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Today Destiny and I decided to head over to Barnes & Nobles to take a look at some books. We were in our element. Our eyes were opened wide and people stared at us while we giggled at the new books that were out. It was super fun and funny. Not one person believed us when we said we were mother and daughter. It seems as if it were rare this day in age for a mother and daughter to bond over books.

As I looked over to Destiny and said "I'm going to take a few pics of some books for our book blog", we got a more stares and an awkward silence. I snapped a few shots of some books that we added to our must read list. You can check them out in the collage below. We came across the I am number series....she begged me to buy them for her. We walked out the store with the first two books. It looks like we'll be needing a few more bookshelves.

I think if it were up to us, we'd stay in a bookstore all day long. Would you?  Let us know what you think of our picks for today!

Here are our latest must reads:

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