I just won the book Inexcusable by Chris Lynch!

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In March I joined TeenCentral.net. TeenCentral.net is a safe site for teens to go to anonymously if they have a problem, need help, have a question, or just need to vent. I found it to be a great site for teens. I saw that every month they held book giveaways. I entered my first one and guess what? I won!!!!! I won the book Inexcusable by author Chris Lynch. I've heard and read good reviews on this book and cannot wait to read it! I'm sure my mom will be reading it after I'm finished with it. It seems to be the cycle we've got going here. And while you're at it, join teencentral.net if you're a teen. There are great people on there and there's support 24/7. You get to read stories from other members and also get to make friends as well.


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